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Handcrafted and remastered limited edition of Move D's masterpiece from 1994.

Aside from the classic 2LP release, there's also this limited edition 4LP+MC housed in a fine handmade box!

This exclusive repress of Move D’s seminal masterpiece is limited to 130 copies worldwide. It contains the original album, two records of previously unreleased Kunststoff material, a cassette tape with live jams from 2005 and a signed screen print.

Artist: Move D
Title: Kunststoff
Format: 4LP, MC, screen print
Released: May 2018

01. Eastman
02. Soap Bubbles
03. Sandmann
04. In/Out (initial mix)
05. Hood
06. Tribute to Mr Fingers
07. 77 Sunset Strip
08. Beyond the Machine
09. Nimm 2
10. Amazing Discoveries
11. Trist
12. Xing the Jordan / Seven

13. Eastman (unreleased live jam)
14. Sandmann (first take)
15. In/Out (Fifth Freedom basic mix)
16. Hood (unreleased UK vibes version)
17. A.H. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (50th Anniversary ov LSD mix)
18. In/Out (Solitaire ambient take)

Taking inspiration from the iconic original sleeve design, this limited edition is beautifully put together by hand in Heidelberg, Germany – Move D’s hometown, and the birthplace of Kunststoff in 1994. Each element of the design represents a part of the chair depicted on the original sleeve artwork: orange leather, dark wood, brushed metal and the blue carpet.

The boxes are assembled by hand and wrapped with high-quality Fedrigoni paper that matches the original design's orange leather upholstery. The title and credits on the back are screen-printed in white, by hand, using the original release's iconic typography. The box is inlaid with thick blue felt representing the blue carpet. On top of the four records lies a numbered screen-print of the minimalistic chair design, printed on the same orange Fedrigoni Italian stock used for the box, and signed by Move D. The record sleeves are printed silver on white, with slick type on the back and four versions of the original chair design on each cover. And finally, as the cherry "on top“, a cassette is found on the bottom in a specially designed opening in the felt inlay.

This box is a project of true passion, crafted by hand, to the highest standards of quality in the very same beautiful city that is home to this exceptional artist. Each part of this lavish package is lovingly designed to form a grand tribute to a truly seminal record and its creator.

Originally released on Source Records in 1994, reissued by AVA. Records in 2018.

Collector's box conception and design by Götz Gramlich, æther-design. Reissue concept by Patrick Forgacs, David Moufang, Juri Bader and Damiano von Erckert.