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For a high-quality download / CD version, please visit Yeah over at Bandcamp!

The first LP on the Berlin based label Beatbude!

Artist: Yeah
Format: LP + digital
Label: Beatbude
Released: December 2012


1. The Challenge
2. Agent Of Peace
3. Emotional Place
4. No Matter What
5. Different Things
6. Give An Exam
7. Penis Wonderland

Mark Myers (The Wall Street Journal / Jazzwax.com): "By now, you know how fond I am of the new jazz-groove style emerging from artists like Robert Glasper, Esperanza Spalding and others. The style is digital-savvy and reaches backward to the '70s and integrates the soul feel with current sounds to create dynamic textures. Add to the list Yeah, a German band. On The Challenge, an action-packed album, Yeah fuses a big beat, horns, organ, Fender Rhodes, a synthesizer, a rubbery bass, wah-wah guitar, scratching, samples, programmed riffs and more. It's Tower of Power meets Les McCann meets Roy Ayers. I can't stop listening to it."

Yeah are Christian Schock, Florian K├Ânig, Leo Hilsheimer and Philip Lawall.

Features are Jonas Gawehn, Juri Bader, Levin Hornischer, Markus Ehrlich, Oliver Tewelde, Philip Mattes, Sara Makowski, the Schneckengruppen choir and Zacharias Zschenderlein.

Recorded and mixed by Yeah and friends in Berlin, Karlsruhe, Kirchheim, Mannheim, Stuttgart und Zurich. Mastered by Dave Cooley in Los Angeles. Artwork by Markus Mai, Berlin.